🎥 Video Production Proposal

Prepared by Adam Webb

Why are we making the videos?

To clearly communicate Glean’s vision, mission, culture, values, and employee experience / Employee Value Proposition.

Evergreen content that will be used to differentiate Glean in the marketplace. To communicate their message, recruit talent, and grow their reputation as an outstanding employer.


Video 1 (Vision)

Identifying the problems with student learning and drop-out rates then show Glean as the solution. A perfect, laid-back, 'sales' pitch in video form.

Video 2 (Working at Glean)

Displaying Glean as a top employer to attract new talent & interest. Through fun interviews with staff.

Video 1 (Vision)

Talking head with the CEO mixed with animation and some stock footage. Upbeat. Finding the balance between emotionally engaging the audience and clearly communicating the vision, mission and message of Glean. 

Please check out the examples below for a reference of style and approach I’d like to take.

This is a great example of a strong tone and messaging, without being too ‘salesy’ or overly corporate.

A good human approach. Conversational, carries passion and feels genuine. However, not tech related and doesn’t do well at highlighting their customer’s pain points. But a good style example.

More of an awareness advert. However, great example of using live action and animation together. It’s also well written, you feel the pain point and want Monday to solve it for you. 

Video 2 (Recruitment)

Regarding the humour element suggested for this video. From past experiences, pulling off a sketch video in a corporate setting can be a challenging task. Unless there are confident funny personalities in the team, it can be difficult to pull off without it feeling forced or awkward.

However taking an interview-style Q&A approach with employees, allows humour to naturally carry through and the company’s values to be explained and communicated through genuine answers. 

The idea is to take the laid-back, behind-the-scenes style approach like this reference. Interviewing a group of employees with a range of questions to elicit strong responses.

Including shots of colleagues working alone and together. As well as showcasing the office and Leeds Dock location.


A project of this scope and scale usually takes somewhere in the region of

4-6 Weeks

Near unlimited music choice

I have subscriptions to a few music licensing sites. So you can choose any tracks you’d like from their selection. There are tons of choices so we can avoid the copy-and-paste corporate songs everyone uses.



50% deposit due at the start of the project. The remaining 50% is due at delivery of the final files.

Please note this proposal is only valid for 14 days.

Next Steps

If you’re happy to move ahead, drop me an email and I’ll get the agreement sent over. Once the deposit is received, we’ll get to work dialling in the Video Outlines and Scripts.

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