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The trick to selling food and drink is simple, show people it! You probably already know, video is the most effective medium to get mouths watering. Promotional videos work perfectly on websites, social media and blogs. Get your customer’s mouths watering with tired and tested restaurant videos, guaranteed to get you more bookings and orders in no time.

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Promotional Video, Restaurant Video

Have you ever had a sprout baji? I was skeptical too, but after shooting this promo video for Bundobust, it converted me. So that’s what I set out to do, to create a restaurant video that promoted their Christmas offering and converted people to try it! The promo video worked a treat and orders flew through the kitchen after a very tough 2020. 

Visit Leeds

Corporate Film, Video Production, Branded Video

I worked with Chapter 81 a video production company, to film a series of branded films for Visit Leeds. All covering the hospitality scene in the city.  In this film, we dug deeper into the independent producers throughout Leeds. I filmed at breweries, roastaries, cheesemongers, wine shops, the lot. 

Tipple - Chow Down

Cocktail Video, Club Videography, Video Production

Chow Down opened their new bar Tipple. They wanted to shout about it online so I worked with them to produce this fun promotional video to spread the message. The video worked great on socials and it got their target audience excited to be at chow down, in the sun, with a cocktail in their hand.

The Owl Leeds

Menu Video, Restaurant Video

I helped the Owl film a creative promo video to advertise their new menu. We took a dramatic approach by using bold creative lighting and smooth camera movements. The videos connected amazingly with their target audience on socials and within their newsletter. 

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I know the need for fast content to be whipped up and posted asap. I'm here to help you produce videos in a flash.

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From a freelance videographer to a full video production company. I can scale the project to the budget and goals.

Future proof quality

All the video equipment I use is future proof. No more blurry video cameras from the 90's. I can shoot up to 6K RAW!

On budget

I'm always realistic with what's achievable within budget. I'll always be transparent with costs and money.

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