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Adam Webb

Producer | Videographer | DoP

I assist individuals, productions and brands with video production. With a live music background, I have travelled globally creating impactful videos over the past 10 years.

My 5 step process for streamlined video projects

My video production process is designed to be collaborative and efficient. So we can get the most out of working together.

I start by understanding your goals, ideas and needs. Working closely with you to develop a creative solution that aligns with your brand, vision and goals.

Planning is key. I’ll carefully outline and organise all the necessary resources for your video or campaign, ensuring a smooth production process.

Myself and skilled team will bring your project to life, capturing high-quality footage and audio with an eye for detail. 

I’ll piece together the agreed deliverables, ensuring that your content is engaging, looks good, and effectively conveys your message.

I provide you with polished web friendly files. As well as high-res versions. Ready for distribution and engagement across the internet.

Client Testimonial

"Adam really connected with our client brief. He cut the video beautifully, finding the right balance of humour and seriousness to create an uplifting yet moving piece. Our NHS client is super happy with the end product."
Simon Thomas
Optimus Learning

Speedy turn arounds

The videos I make should be out yesterday. I'm here to help you produce content in a flash.

Free Video Guarantee

If I don't get the final files to you before our agreed deadline. You won't pay a penny.


The equipment I use is Netflix approved. So your visuals will always be of the highest quality.

Solo or

Freelance to full service video production. I can scale the team and project to your needs.

Take a peek 👀 at my rates and video packages

Explore my unique video production packages and simple rate card.

Common questions about my video services

Sure! Depending on the project I can simply capture footage for you. You can find my day rates in my price guide.

The average end-to-end project takes roughly 3-4 weeks. That’s including planning, filming and editing. However, I can also turn-around edits same day. if the project requires it. 

With proper planning I can easily create upto 20 short form videos in a day. But it all depends on the scope, complexity and how good you want them to look.

I deliver projects through dropbox. You’ll get a direct link to the final video file. So you can easily download or save to your phone.

My personal focus is video and cinematography. However, I work alongside great freelancers I can bring on board for projects. Some of my packages include photography where I’ll include a dedicated photographer.

I’ve been fortunate to work internationally. However, due to starting a family I usually work around Leeds and the North of England. However, this doesn’t mean I’m not open to projects father a field!

I mainly use a Sony A7SIII which is a 4k 10bit 422 shooting beast. I have a vast amount of kit. So you’re covered!

I can! It’ll take some getting to know you though. So drop me an email or schedule a call so I can learn more about your brand, business or project.

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